Oh...hai! I'm Tera (obviously).

I am a passionate person. I laugh hard and I cry hard. I am also ridiculously curious, always eager to learn something new. Here's the long and the short of where my curiosity has taken me, and how it has shaped my approach to teaching.

One of my biggest joys is travel. I currently live on the road, in a van, that my partner and I built out. Travel has been one of my most important educators. I've learned how happy and fulfilled one can be living simply. It has shown me true human kindness and generosity. It taught me steadfast independence and creative problem solving. As a person who is always trying to be in control, travel has shown me how to let go and live. Of course, it also feeds my endless curiosity for other cultures and people. Travel is fertile ground for discovering the world outside and inside yourself. 

Then there's my love of food. It didn’t start out as healthy food, in fact I used to be quite the junk food junkie and hated vegetables. But then my own health issues got my attention and I took a nutritional therapy course where I learned the importance of nourishing our bodies. So cooking and nutrition were added to my food love. After becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I wanted so badly to help people to heal using what I had learned about the importance of nutrition and how our body works. Then my own body taught me how complicated health can be. My perfectionist tendencies snuck their way into my food and I had become obsessive about eating the 'right' things and being 'healthy.' So much so it affected my emotional and psychological health. We can do everything 'right' in terms of nutrition and exercise, but if there is something else going on at a deeper level it won’t always help. 

At the same time as my nutrition ventures I started to get really serious about yoga. I took teacher training and nearly cried at every session from my fear of sounding stupid or messing up. *ahem* perfectionist problems. By the end I learned to confidently lead a class and started teaching powerful flows.

As my body was teaching me health was more than eating healthy foods and working out, I was also realizing yoga was more than fitness, postures and sweat. I went from being in a bikini bodybuilding competition, teaching yoga sculpt and shedding nearly all the fat from my body, to barely being able to get myself out of bed because of debilitating fatigue and depression. This challenge pushed me to explore yoga and all its different styles and pieces. It was in this time that I found my unique voice as an instructor. My desire to guide people back into their body, to respect our need for rest and to create classes where each student felt compassion and success.

I saw how deep the rabbit hole of 'health' was and how over complicated we've made happiness. All around me, myself included, I saw women putting everyone else’s needs in front of their own. Feeling guilty about doing things they enjoyed, not knowing what they liked anymore, losing their identity, making themselves sick trying to make everyone else happy, riddled with shame because of their body and feeling all together powerless. I saw us all glued to screens feeling ‘connected’ and yet more disconnected than ever. Isolating to hide what we were going through.

What I realized was true healing is more than skin deep and is best done with others, when we can be vulnerable and feel supported. Throughout history we’ve relied on tribe in some way and in modern times we’ve lost that. Community itself is essential and potential medicine.

In the midst of these realizations I was wading through a big identity and body image crisis. Basically, I was learning (slowly) that the shape of my body didn't equal my worth or value. This led me to dive into feminism. The female body and brain, and female sexuality. Basically all things woman, because let's be real, in the world of patriarchy we don't learn much about women. We mostly try to be men, or fill a stereotype of the 'good woman.'  

That’s the short version of how I got here. (yes, that’s short. I can be long winded & life is complicated)


If you didn’t make it through that whole thing, I think you should know that...

I love rocks and crystals and have since I was a wee one. They've always been considered 'treasure' to me.

Mother Earth and the magic of nature continually awe me.

I’m an intersectional feminist. 

About 85% of my wardrobe is second hand. Because REDUSE, REUSE then recycle.

Bright colors and shiny things make me happy. 

I love to talk about sexuality. For awhile in college I thought I might go into sex education or sex therapy.

Thrifting and grocery shopping are some of my fave activities.

I battle perfectionism.

I deeply believe in peace, justice and equality. Love always wins.

I enjoy tequila beverages and dance parties

I struggle with believing in myself, but value being vulnerable so I figured I'd get that out in the open.

I am a voracious reader.

I'm a real good listener and love to hear other people's story's and experiences.

I have an existential crisis pretty regularly. I really can overthink things.