Spencer Norris: Quitting College To Create His Ideal Life, Importance of Receiving & #vanlife?

Got my main squeeze joining us today to share what it took to create the career and life he wanted. Everyone was a bit skeptical when he dropped out of college after only one year, but he wasn't going to allow that stop him. Now he travels all over the world as a videographer. It's all about persistence, passion and being okay with asking for help.

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Episode 9: Lessons From Podcasting

So I missed a week...I know. Had to cook something up a bit different today due to some unfortunate circumstances. You get a peak into my brain and it's wild web of streaming thought. I share a revelation on perfectionism, lessons learned in the last 3 months in doing this podcast, the good side of being a quitter and embracing your uniqueness.

Oh, and a special treat for you at the end of the ep! Just you wait...

**** FYI: There is some weird noise throughout this video. :( I think it's something rubbing against my headphone mic...lame. I said f*ck it though and put it out anyway. Hope it doesn't irritate the crap out of you, thanks for your understanding! ****