A Big Thanks, and a Little on Food

Thank you everyone for all your amazing positive words!  I'm honestly so touched at the amount of encouragement that I have received.  I'm not very good at asking for help or opening up to people, but this experience of blogging has forced it on me and I'm so glad.  Sometimes you may feel alone in this scary journey of life, but when you open up and let people in its amazing how many are there to support you.  I truly appreciate every one of your comments and help because I definitely have moments where I ask myself,  "What the heck am I doing? I'm not ready for this!". This morning I read an article that I loved and wanted to share with you.  Now there isn't one specific diet that works for everyone, but there are some general guidelines that everyone could benefit from to become healthier and more lively.  Labels are pretty annoying, vegetarian, paleo, vegan...when we hear them we often make judgements.  Having said all that I think Mark's Daily Apple, who is an advocate of what he calls the Primal Blueprint, does a great job at explaining the reasoning behind 'primal' eating.   A lot of the basic ideas are very in line with what I have been learning this year through my training in nutrition.

I guess if I was forced to label my eating it's sort of a cross between primal/paleo based on what makes me feel good.  Occasionally I will have non-gluten grains and lentils, and other things that don't 'fit' into those plans.  I also probably don't eat as much meat as they may advocate (mostly because it's a bit expensive at the moment!).  Basically you can take the big ideas and then adapt it to your life and your body.

Here is an article that explains a lot of really important aspects of eating to create a healthy body and mind.  It's super easy to understand in the form of a dialogue between coworkers.  It gets at the basic ideas of energy maintenance, fats, protein, refined sugar/carbs, and getting carbs without grains.  I would highly recommend taking a quick moment to read it.  Many of my friends and family are baffled by my food choices, and this article really gets to why I eat how I do without me having to talk their ears off. :)

The Primal Blueprint Refresher


Have a fabulous weekend!  If you have time you should try something new and go to a farmers market for some of your groceries.  It's one of the highlights of my week, and I don't know how you could not enjoy it!