Chowing On Fries and 'Chips'

The sun is out again in Seattle which means I'm taking full advantage of doing my homework out on my glorious deck and using the community grill. This is the view I get to enjoy for another 2 months

Grilled veggies are my favorite!  I swear almost anything tastes good grilled.  This mentality of grilled=better has me trying to grill just about anything I have in the fridge.  My latest discovery: grilled cabbage.  Amazing!! When it's grilled it has light crispy delicious edges, and it retains it's crunch so it is a great alternative to chips.  I love kale chips, but because they are so frail they don't hold up to a big scoop of salsa.  Grilled cabbage though is the perfect vehicle for dips and salsa's.  It has a mild flavor, other than the toasty bits which taste like camping, and a fantastic crunchy texture.

Grilled zucchini, carrot and cabbage.  So simple and yet so delicious

All I did was rub the leaves with ghee, sprinkle with salt and grill until they started to get charred and bubbly.  So easy.  Afterwards you can cut them or rip them into smaller pieces and then just dip away.  The ends can get a little floppier but if you just fold it over itself it is good to go!  If you don't have anything you want to dip in it's also great plain, or could serve as a wrap.  I love this alternative, but just know it is obviously not going to be exactly the same as a tortilla or pita chip.  It is tons healthier and just as delicious though!

Crispy, grilled, yummy cabbage.

I also recently got crazy and made fries!  Yep, I eat fries.  IMG_2005Okay, I will admit they aren't your traditional potato frites.  But they are made of a root vegetable.  Can you guess what they are made of?


I had used jicama raw before in salads and slaws, and had heard of jicama chips or fries but it wasn't until this week that I got around to trying it.  Sliced that round tuber up into fry pieces, greased up the caste iron skillet with some chicken fat and fried away.  Yes, with chicken fat.  I have recently been buying pasture raised stewing chickens from the farmers market and those birds leave me with a healthy portion of fat after I cook them.  I use it like I would butter, to saute veggies and spread on my "breads."  The one thing I would do different is probably watch them a bit closer so they didn't get quite so dark.  I was running out to tend the grill while cooking them so they got a little bit neglected.  Oops!  I have read that you can also roast them to make fries, which I will have to try.   I wanted that real fried flavor though so I went all in.

Making transitions in your diet is always difficult at first, but I've found that finding alternatives to previously loved foods is so fun!  It makes you get creative, and think outside of the box.  When you find something that works it's also so rewarding!  You eat your new food with feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.  So if you are trying to transition away from some of the more unhealthy food choices, or foods that you are sensitive to, try to focus on all the new possibilities and flavors out there.  Don't dwell on what you are choosing to move away from, that will just leave you feeling deprived.  Have fun with food and enjoy the plethora of options we have available.

Have you grilled cabbage?  Do you like jicama?  Tell me some of your substitutions for fries and chips!  I'd love to get some more ideas to try out.