If It Feels Impossible, It's Worth It

Comfort zone quote Re-starting this blog has been months in the making. I know I want to, but there has always been something stopping me. Getting in my way, and telling me I can’t.


Who wants to read what I have to say? How am I legitimate when I am struggling with my own issues? Do I know enough? What will people think of me? I don’t know anything about web creation, or management! Technology is not my forte.


When I look at all of these concerns I see a pattern. They all come down to confidence, and self-esteem. Somehow I have convinced myself to not start because I’m not good enough. Yet I teach people to believe in themselves, trust themselves and focus on their strengths, and when I teach it I truly mean it.  I believe so much in others, I see their strengths and the possibilities for success.  Unfortunately I haven't mastered seeing myself the way I see those I care about.


So I’m faced with this hypocrisy. I am being a hypocrite. When I think of things that way, I know that I have to jump in. I have to pour out my soul, to share my knowledge, my struggles and triumphs.


My own insecurities are holding me back from helping and that is just plain selfish.


The things that are the most scary, that challenge us to our core, push us way outside our comfort zone, are the things we most need to do. How will we grow if we are constantly in this state of comfort? Just like the muscles in our bodies, we only grow when challenged.


Starting this blog, becoming an entrepreneur, opening up and sharing, finding my path and place, are all things that have felt nearly impossible these past few months. They are all things I know in my heart and soul I need to do though.  I cannot let fear hold me back.


Where are you holding back? What is something that feels so scary and unmanageable that you have convinced yourself you can’t do it?


Be honest.


Part of starting is simply recognizing that we are standing in our own way. Accept that the road may not always be clear and easy, but that thing that is unimaginably scary is the most important thing for you to do.


Career, a relationship, health, competition, school...each of us faces our own challenges and has our own fears.  Your challenge is not the same as mine, but I know how it feels...Blocked, overwhelmed, scared, stressed. Push forward, because holding back and giving into your fears will not bring joy or energy to your life.


Let’s commit. To challenging ourselves. To do the scary thing. To make sh*t happen!


Tell me what challenge you are committing yourself to.