I'm On A Boat!


As you may know Spencer (my beloved) and I sold nearly all our belongings, and gave up our lease in November to live on a sailboat.   We now own 1 coffee table, a book case and things that fit in as few boxes as possible.  Mainly just kitchen stuff, our clothes and work equipment.  Both of us at this point in life want to be able to be mobile and having a bunch of stuff makes that difficult.  As it is I feel like we have a lot, at least a lot that we don't actually use right now.  Thankfully we have amazing family that has the space and generosity to house our boxes until we figure out where we will land more permanently.

So we really paired down and were ready for this sailboat adventure.  Things happened and it wasn’t until just this last week that it has finally been made a reality.  I officially am living on a sailboat (when I’m in Seattle that is).

Funny story, when we first were going to move in together we planned on moving onto this boat.  We called marinas and looked into moorage up in Seattle.  It didn’t end up happening and we went from one tiny apartment to another instead.

Now over 3 years later we are right back where we started.

I love life on the road, and don't mind small spaces but honestly sometimes I would get a little nervous about what I imagined boat life being like. But I am loving every single minute.

It keeps things simple.   I have few things, but traded them for many adventures.

As I sit here in this small sailboat my heart feels light and joyful.

I’ve spent the last 5 months as a guest in others homes, or on the road.  After constantly moving my things from one place to another, after living out of my car, I now have this little home and space that is all my own and it feels like a big warm hug.

I love life on the road.  I love not knowing where I’ll be tomorrow, no plans and no agenda.  But when you come back from the road, when you come back to what you consider ‘home,' it’s nice to have a place to land.

A place to recover and to reground before jumping off to the next adventure.  It doesn’t need to be lavish, just yours.

All of my needs are fulfilled.  I have all my little inspirations, my books, my tea, a Coleman stove, the water (I am a Pisces, I believe that means I'm made to be near the water), quiet and the fresh sea air.

The nervousness I had about living in a 32 foot sailboat is nearly a distant memory.  I have everything I need.  It’s all here and I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

My life is full.  It’s bursting so full that I can’t fit any more objects or things in it right now. Down the road I’ll have room, but for now this is it.

It’s time to recover my spirit, carve out my path and define myself by the state of my happiness and not what ‘stuff’ I have to show for it.  Maybe you can’t see what I have from the outside.  I can’t show it to you with anything that our world views as wealth, I can’t even show it to you with numbers in a bank account.  All I can share with you is contentment, joy, adventure and love.

The rest will come in time.  I know it.  In this present moment, if it was any other way than this I wouldn’t have the freedom I have, and so it’s perfect as it is.

Let it be.

For better or for worse.

Let me be me.

I have arrived.

Carrying my spirit,

and an open hand.

Come with me 

on this adventure. 

Life’s adventure.

A search for the wild.

The wild that lives, 

that begs,

to be released

from us all.

In gratitude,


PS.  Did you know I'm embarking on creating a yoga video series?  Well I am!  So get excited with me (because of course I'm a little nervous and I would love all the excitement I can get!)