It's Almost Here!

Time flies.  Saturday is the big day!  The day I face many fears and walk out on a stage in 5 inch clear heals and a bikini.  The closer it gets the more unready I feel.  Between various yoga trainings, school, and job transition I know I was not training as hard or well as I should have.  But hey, I'm gonna strut my stuff in confidence anyway! Last night was a night of panic trying to get my suit to fit.  I bought a cheap "One Size" suit from Amazon and my fantastic lady friend helped me alter it a bit.  When I tried it on again though saggy crotch was staring me in the face.  One size does NOT fit all.  Too much fabric everywhere.  After a period of despair and giving up, I was brought to my senses.  The fit does in fact matter and will impact how the judges see me.  So with fabric glue, some rhinestones, a needle and thread I set to work.  Hours later I had MacGyver'd a suit that looks fairly decent from a distance, but don't look too close!  Then this morning I started to practice my walk and pose.  Woah, it may look easy but it isn't.   I recorded myself and watched it...I can walk pretty darn funky sometimes.  I've really got to find my inner diva between now and Saturday.


This week I am supposed to be 'carb cutting.'  Which is weird for me because I already am not much of a carb eater.  But I thought I would try to go with it, so no plantain, sweet potatoes or fruit for the next couple days.  I know, you are probably thinking I though you weren't doing things the traditional way.  Don't you worry, while I may be 'carb cutting,' for me that has meant 'fat adding.'  MMMMM. I don't want to cut calories so I've been filling up on things like delicious avocados, coconut milk, coconut oil, homemade beef broth, roasted chicken (crispy skin included), and eggs.  I haven't cut out veggies completely but instead of filling up on a ton of veg I'm relying on fat and protein with veg more as an accessory food.  It's been surprisingly very easy and tasty.  I've chosen to look at it like a dietary experiment.  Still staying healthful, but just switching up my macro ratio's a bit.

After a yummy soup I made I was still hungry and so I enjoyed avocado, coconut pudding.  Who said you can't have dessert before a competition?!

ImageHere's what I used for my dessert.  This pudding was super creamy and the perfect end to lunch!

1 small avocado

handful ice cubes

1 drop vanilla stevia

1/2 t vanilla extract

Cinnamon to taste (I like a lot)

1 teaspoon gelatin (optional)

splash coconut milk (I'm bad at remembering to measure)

Blend away!!

You can always alter it for whatever flavor you want.  Maybe add some cocoa powder, or play with the ice/milk ratio.  Have you every used avocado in a dessert recipe?

After this competition I have my final class for my Extensions Yoga training, my audition for the studio, and then my nutrition final to study for.  Oh, and I need to find a new place to live because I have to move in a month.  Whew! Why does everything have to happen at once!  It will get done, and I will make it through!  Got to keep the positive thoughts going. :)

I want to leave you all with another delicious idea to try.  Collard wraps!  One thing I think a lot of people miss when they take things like wheat out of their diet are wraps/burritos.  Often I hear the lament of "I'm so tired of salad," so this is a fresh and healthy alternative to the processed tortilla.  Take 2 collard leaves and blanch them in boiling water for about 2 minutes.  This will make them more flexible and diminish the strong 'green' taste of the raw collard.  Dry them off, stack them on top of one another and fill them with whatever you choose.  Then roll it up like a burrito.  Voila!  Mine is filled with organic minced pork from a local farm, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and fresh spinach.  It was messy but so good!



Next time I get to share with you all will be post comp!  Can't wait to fill you in on the experience!  Have a fantastic and healthy day!