Kitchen Sink Smoothie

Happy weekend!

Woke up this morning, to look in my fridge and realize….I don’t have much food left.  Farmers market is tomorrow so I’m running a bit low in the grocery department.  This, my friends, is when you have to get creative!  Sometimes you find the weirdest and most delicious combinations.   Often I will default to a ‘kitchen sink’ smoothie, and that was just what I did this morning.


Made a simple 2 egg scramble to get my proteins in, but the real treat came with the creamy thick smoothie.  You will probably be surprised to know that it is mostly veggies!  I love fruit, but I try not to overdo it.  Of course fruits are super healthy, but for the most part we really don’t need several servings of them a day.  They still act as sugar to our body, which if you are working on weight management, have any blood sugar or yeast issues isn’t so good (in my case I've conquered my blood sugar disregulation, but yeast is still fighting me a bit).  Also who doesn't like to sneak a little extra servings of veggies into their day?!


So what makes up this tasty morning treat?

Frozen broccoli (key word: frozen)

Frozen Peas (key word: frozen)

½ small zucchini

½ avocado (creaminess)

4 strawberries (flavor)

Small handful of almonds 

About 1 Tablespoon Tahini...maybe a little less, I didn't measure really

Coconut flakes (flavor)

Psyllium Husks (fiber/also helps to thicken things a bit)

Cinnamon (flavor)

Almond Extract (flavor)

Couple Stevia drops (flavor/sweetness)

Coconut Water (Base)

I know! That’s a heck of a lot of ingredients!  Basically with Kitchen Sink smoothies I just throw in what I have and use spices and extracts to make up the flavor.  So you don’t have to put so many types of veggies, or psyllium, and you could just choose a single nut or nut butter.  I tend to go a bit buck wild.  You cannot taste the veggies at all though; it was like dessert for breakfast!  If you are a smoothie fan try adding some veggies in.  Although mine are primarily veggie based, I would suggest starting out with just a little at a time.  Frozen work best, because for some reason the veggie flavor isn’t quite as intense, plus it keeps that cold thick smoothie texture that you usually get with frozen fruit.  I would say DO NOT put raw regular broccoli in your smoothie (I’ve tried, not so great), but zucchini for example is a pretty neutral flavor so it blends super well.  Spinach, sweet potato, and carrots are some other good basic vegetables to start with.  Remember if you taste it and it’s a little off to you, just add something and blend again.  It's not an exact science for goodness sakes.  I have become quiet the smoothie master, but it’s rare I get the combo exactly right on first blend.  Gotta give it a taste test and reassess.  I find spices and extracts to be super helpful.  From cinnamon, to nutmeg and vanilla or almond extract they can add the extra pop of flavor to an otherwise bland boring smoothie, and you don’t need too much of them.  Just get creative, and take a little smoothie risk.  If at first you don't succeed, remember to try again!  Everything takes a little practice.

Whats in your favorite smoothie?  Have you ever tried vegetables in them?

Have a fantastic healthy weekend!