Letting You In On A Little Secret...

Some of my friends and family know this, but I've been pretty quiet about it for the most part.  There is a part of me that is still in denial about the whole thing.  Earlier this summer I decided to move forward with a goal that I have had for quite awhile now. The day of this goal's completion is fast approaching and so I think it is time to announce it to the internet world, and all of you who are kind enough to take time out to read my blog.  I started this to inspire and to share, so it would not be right to hold back now.  So, I will get to the point.  On October 5th I will be taking part in the Washington Ironman Bikini Competition.  I will be strutting my stuff on stage with a hoard of other amazingly fit overly tan women. Unfortunately I didn't really track my progress with pictures.  Here is the only before pic I can find, which was this spring and then today.

My idea behind this was to do it my way.  Often with this sort of competition comes extreme dieting or compulsive workouts, and those that don't compete believe you must do that in order to get in that kind of shape.  That's not what I'm about.  I wanted to prove to myself and others that by simply applying what I have learned in my nutrition studies and leading a healthy active life I could get in competition shape.  No need for the unhealthy extremes.  My goal is not to win, and being my first competition I most likely will not even place.  I'm okay with that, it's about accomplishing goals and the journey to get there.

I don't usually wear clothes with slogans, but I love this one.

Today all the other parts of the competition just hit me though.  There are all these details that I didn't really think about when I decided to do this.  If I had known the expense it was going to be to compete I probably would have postponed it a bit because with this whole career change my current financial situation is not ideal.  I have to get a suit (not cheap), clear plastic heels, some blingy jewelry, a crazy fake tan, some sort of posing lessons, and pay the registration fee.  If I wanted I could get my hair, makeup and nails done too but there is no way I can budget that in.  All in all to do this on the cheap cheap it's going to probably be about $400!!!! That's $400 I don't really have to be spending on heels and shiny bikinis.  Buying stuff for competing is like buying things for weddings, it's immediately marked up.  I'm too far in now to back out though.  So I just have to trust that it will all work out.  If I keep heading in the direction of my goals things will fall into place as they are supposed to.  Although let's be real here, I am totally stressing out.

A big part of this whole competing business is your walk and how you present yourself to the judges.  Most people get posing lessons with experienced competitors or trainers.  These I've found run $50-150 a session.  Um, nope.  As much as I DO NOT want to look like a fool up on stage I cannot do that at the moment.  I am not the type of person to 'half ass' things, I like to do things right!  But unfortunately I am not going to be able to go into this quite as prepared as the majority of other ladies.  I just hope not to make a complete idiot of myself. I sit here writing this in a state of complete confusion and stress as to how I am going to prepare for October 5th.  If anyone knows ladies that have competed, or has any advice for me I would be so grateful.

On a lighter note, I discovered a new delicious post workout snack today.  After yoga I was heading out on a quick run to soak in the last glorious rays of Seattle sunshine, but hadn't brought anything to fuel up on.  You would think I would know by now to always have food with me!  But I guess then I wouldn't be forced to make these new discoveries.  So I headed to the nearest grocery store which happened to be an international type store (my favorite!).  Searching for a snack that doesn't have to be prepared, is easy to digest and is a whole food can be a challenge.  After some desperate searching I came across these...

mmmm tasty chestnuts!

A small, organic, whole food snack for under $2!  Chestnuts are very different than most nuts because they are primarily a starch, so I wouldn't advise chowing down regularly on them.  Starch should only comprise about 15% of our daily food intake.  They are a great post workout snack though, to help replenish depleted glycogen stores.  That being said an advantageous aspect of the chestnut in comparison to other nuts is their low phytic acid content.  Phytic acid inhibits the body's uptake of minerals and enzymes.  With chestnuts you don't have to worry about that, no soaking or sprouting required!  They are also high in Vitamin C, copper and manganese.

It may not always be as simple as grabbing the nearest processed snack, but there is always a solution and way to stay true to eating clean whole foods.  It's so exciting to discover a new tasty foods anyway!  Keep an open mind and try new things, sometimes you'll be surprised!

Do you like chestnuts?  Have you cooked with them before?  I read that you can bake with chestnut flour, which I want to try now!