My First Bikini Competition

Well that was a crazy week!  First competition down, and done with my yoga training for now!  I can focus solely on my nutrition final, figuring out where I am going to live next month, and how I am going to pay bills.  Oh and then figure out how I am going to create some sort of business out of all my new found knowledge.  Never ending to do's :)  Such is life. Perhaps you are curious on how this bikini competition went.  First off I couldn't sleep the night before so I was running on 4 hours of sleep, thank goodness for adrenaline because that's the only thing that got me through the day.  I got to the venue around 830am and we had a competitors meeting where they quickly ran through how you would be walking out on stage.  Way too quickly for me who had no idea what I was doing.  Then it was time to put my face on.  I entered a room of a dozens of other women all prepping and primping.  They all seemed to have teammates, friends, coaches and cliques.  I felt like the new girl in school.  I spotted one other girl standing awkwardly by herself and so I introduced myself.  It was also her first competition and she was on her own.  I was happy to find at least one other person in a similar situation, and it was nice to have someone to talk to about the whole experience with.  Backstage all the girls are constantly vying for mirror space and practicing their various poses.  It's quite the mad house.

By a little after noon it was time for B class (the class I was in) to step out on stage.  As we lined up and I looked around at the girls surrounding me I was feeling far from confident.  We all have our moments of self doubt.  I know I shouldn't be comparing myself to others but in this situation it is very hard not to.  I stepped into the bright lights and struck whatever pose came into my body.  At first when I tried to smile I was so nervous my whole mouth was quivering.  The hardest part came when I had to turn around and do a back pose.  I immediately felt myself teetering off balance.  When you have about 2 seconds to impress the judges, that isn't so great.  I could not for the life of me arch my back enough to get butt creases to disappear.  They were staring me right in the face on the big screen.  Haha. I got moved from the center of the line all the way to the end :( At this point I knew I was not anywhere near placing.  We had to turn about 3 times and I was starting to feel a little more steady towards the end, but by that time it was far too late.  I guess that just goes to show me I probably should have practiced the posing a little more.  On stage you can barely hear the judges, let alone the crowd.  But my girls were there cheering me on, and when they all shouted in unison I finally spotted them.

Can you spot me?

The only other shot of me on stage

After I got off stage I immediately went out to see my wonderful friends and family.  We took many photos and they gave me numerous words of encouragement.  They all lovingly said I looked the best, but they are a little biased.  I was so touched that they came all the way to Bothell and paid to get into a crazy bodybuilding show just to see me get up on stage for a couple minutes.  Once they left I had 5 hours to kill before final presentations.

They even made a sign!

It ended up being an absolutely beautiful sunny fall day so I headed to a grocery store and sat outside to enjoy my much needed meal.  I had packed a tasty healthy lunch and bought some delicious kombucha and soup.   Staying on track with your nutrition does take a little forethought and preparation, but it's so worth it.  So many competitors were chowing on candy, and talking about the cheesecake or other junk they wanted to have after the competition.  I can't even imagine eating that stuff anymore, which is crazy.  For anyone who has known me awhile, you know I used to live off of junk food and sugar.  Just proof that anyone can change.  I did want a glass of wine though. Haha.

It may look simple or boring to some but I loved every bite! When you eat whole natural foods they don't need to look fancy to trick you into eating it because they have so much flavor!

My dad then came straight from a business trip to see me in finals.  So we got to catch up for a few hours before heading back to the venue.  I didn't realize the second half was going to be so long and he would have to sit through over 3 hours before I even got on stage!

My wonderful dad and I

When I got back to the venue I had to get stage ready once more.  How they expect our hair and makeup to stay perfect for 12 hours is beyond me.  Then came the waiting game.  The second half was much longer than the first and I was not prepared.  I didn't bring enough food for dinner because I thought I would be done by then.  Thankfully I had brought some coconut oil with me and had a little leftover chicken.  I chowed down on straight oil and chicken, and it was pretty dang tasty too.  By 8pm I had hit my wall and I was starting to feel the lack of sleep.

Backstage I did my utmost to strike up conversation with various ladies, just trying to be friendly, as well as ask questions about what the heck I was supposed to be doing to prep before stage time and what to do once I got up there.  When I feel alone and out of my comfort zone  I tend to clam up so putting myself out there is not my strong suit.  It was just another way of challenging myself that day, and I ended up meeting quite a few nice ladies.

This time I had to walk up on stage all alone, strike a pose, walk a little more, strike another pose and then get into the line.  All I could think was "ALL BY MYSELF?!"  I have no idea how I ended up looking while on that stage or how my walk was but I survived.  I didn't trip and fall, my homemade suit didn't fall apart and I had done it.  I challenged myself and followed through, despite the hectic timing.

My dad and I were done at this point and did not stay to watch the rest of the show.  I put my clothes on, grabbed a score sheet and headed out of there.  By this time you may be asking yourself, but how did she do?  Well as you can probably tell by now, if you have read this whole post I didn't place in the top 5.  In fact I got 8th out of 9 girls.  Second to last, not dead last though.  I realize it was my first competition and I wasn't going into it thinking I was going to win but it never feels so great to do poorly.  I am trying to keep looking at it positively by thinking I can only go up from here.  One of the judges even put me in 4th place and 2 in 6th.  So some of them must have seen some potential in me.

Back in Queen Anne we celebrated with some wine and late night appetizers.  I don't usually eat late, and hadn't drank in over 2 weeks so it was quite the night for me.  Despite being exhausted I was so happy to be spending post competition hanging out with my dad.  He was so supportive through my whole process, even though bodybuilding show's aren't necessarily his 'thing.'

The next day I was beyond tired, but made it through my community class and auditions at Corepower.  Now I am giving myself a break physically while I turn my brain on high gear for finals studying.

There you have my competition recap.  Hope you all are having a great week!  Stay healthy.