3 Steps To Create An Effective Exercise Routine

3 Steps For Exercise Success In order for any exercise you do to truly work, to give you the results you want, it has to be consistent and lasting.


You can buy as many magic programs, try all the latest lose fat fast fads (say that 4 times fast!) in exercise you want….if you can’t stick with it, it won’t work. Period.


So the absolute most important part to starting your new fitness routine is to make sure you keep going.


When we are just starting out and trying to create a new habit, to build a new exercise routine that sticks, these 3 things are essential.


 1. Keep It Simple! Don’t Over Think It.


This rule is important for multiple reasons. For one if you hurt yourself you definitely won’t be able to create a consistent routine.


Simple exercises can be just as effective as the more complicated ones.  It's all about how you perform them, and how hard you push yourself.  As you build strength you can add more complexity. Don’t underestimate the power of push-ups, lunges and squats.


By keeping it simple you can build a solid foundation and focus on form. Doing an exercise correctly will keep you safer, be more effective, and you’ll see results more quickly.


Second when you are just getting going, like I said before, you just need to make it stick. It needs to become part of your life, part of your routine.


It’s easy to get caught up in what is the BEST way to work out, what’s going to get me there fastest. "This expert suggests this, but this person recommends that…which is better? My friend got results doing this other thing."


There are so many strategies of exercise it can get overwhelming. Again, the goal is to just start moving on a regular basis so don’t bother yourself with the details yet. Once you build that foundation in your form and technique, routine and habit THEN you can start tweaking things if you want.  It's then you can figure out what is most effective for your body, what exactly you are wanting to work and build.


First things first. Move. Whatever that means for you.

 2. Make Small Goals and Work Up.


One of the most common mistakes in making this shift is creating goals that are way to big. For instance, “I’m going to work out every day for an hour!,” or “I’m going to lose 20lbs in the next month.”


You may very well be able to do those things, but if you don’t chances are you will give up on it all together.  Creating habits is hard, especially in the wake of everything else going on in life.


By making smaller attainable goals it keeps you going, moving forward. We would all rather do something that we succeed at. Setting huge goals and then not being able to achieve them will only cause that feeling of failure and then we just throw the whole idea out the window until we get inspired again (who knows when that will be!).


All of that yo-yoing isn’t going to ensure you get a lasting result to your goal. So just avoid it. Make the goal smaller and something you KNOW you can do like, “I will work out 2 times a week for at least 20 minutes.”


If you do more than 20 minutes, great!  But if you only get those 20 minutes in, celebrate it because you did it! Success.


Once you do that for a while and it starts to feel super easy you know you can set an incrementally higher goal. Remember not to get too lofty! The goal here is success and longevity.


As humans we like feeling successful, so set yourself up for it.


(guess what?! I have a video on goal setting success!  Check it out here)


3. Keep Your Mindset Positive.


Easier said than done.  Yes, I know.


It’s easy to get caught up in the negative self-talk. Instead focus on what you have done, or can do.


Avoid getting down on yourself because maybe you lifted less than you want, or you ONLY worked out for 20 minutes.


Allow yourself be joyful for you accomplishments.


When we get caught up in negative thoughts and talk around an activity we will begin to see it negatively. It will become something we dread.


If your thoughts around working out and exercise are constantly negative you won’t want to do it. It will bring up a yucky feeling and so you will make every excuse not to go.


Positivity will keep you progressing. Negativity will only hinder your results and progress.


Buddha said, “What we think we become.” If you think you suck, if you think you are weak, if you think you aren’t making any improvement. Guess what? YOU PROBABLY WON’T.


Change your mind, change your life.


There’s so much more to developing an effective workout routine than WHICH one you pick.


Developing new habits is a mind game. So get your head in the game and start moving.


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P.S. Which one of these 3 things do you struggle with most?  Do you have any other good advice for everyone else? Share it in the comments below!