How To Learn From Your Hardship

Sunset trees Imagine one of your greatest joys being taken away from you.  How would it feel?


That is how I have felt every day for the last few months.  No pity needed, this isn't a sob story, I swear.

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Exercise, and movement are huge for me!  I worked out each day not because I HAD to but because it felt good.  I loved it, I craved it and it made me feel amazing.


Now, it's a struggle.  Everything hurts, I feel weak, I get tired quickly.  And it's not from a lack of trying.  I did not just up and decide to be a bump on a log.  Health struggles, wrist surgery and my own mind have created some bumps along the road.


It's the most infuriating thing.  Despite doing all the 'right things' nothing seemingly improves my situation.


My vitality slipped away, and I no longer feel at home in my body.


This challenge has forced me to look at exercise in a totally new way.  Before I was always about pushing...lift heavier, go harder, hold longer.  Now it wouldn't be healthy for me to keep that up.  So I am learning to become content with a more gentle approach to exercise.


In yoga I speak about respecting your body.  Pushing yourself to your edge, but not going beyond.  Well, my edge has changed, and that has brought feelings of failure, weakness, shame, and embarrassment.


My heart and my mind want to run, bound, skip....move.  At the same time my body screams at me.  Trying to tell me something that I haven't been able to decipher yet, other than 'slow down.'


Our physical bodies reflect our innermost self, and when something is amiss in our life it will let us know.  We have quiet down and allow it to guide us, which is the hard part.


In each challenge, struggle, or hardship there is always a lesson.  During the experience it's too hard to see very clearly, but it is always there. These moments shape how you view the world, see others, and interact with it all.


Whatever hardship you are going through now, whether it's in your health, relationships, or work take a moment to reflect on it and try to see it differently.  Instead of dwelling on the anger, overwhelm or sadness it is causing you ask yourself, what it has taught you?  What have you learned that you would not have otherwise? No matter how big or small.


This doesn't mean we have to love everything about our struggles.  We just have open to a broader view of our experience.  It is not easy at first (let me tell you!), especially when we are knee-deep in it, but when things get overwhelming reframing our mindset to see what we have learned along the way will help us to keep putting one foot in front of the other.


Because we have to go through to get to the other side.  There is no other way.


Now, I want to hear from you.  What has one of your challenges taught you?  Leave a comment below and tell me 1 thing you have learned. [icon icon=icon-arrow-down size=14px color=#000 ]