The Time For Health Is Now, Make It Your Priority

Always Have Time Quote We are constantly making excuses for our diets, our poor diets more specifically.  Choosing convenience over health.  The biggest excuse I hear is time.  “I’m too busy,”  “I don’t have time to cook,” “Prepping food is too time consuming.”  I hear you, it does take time.

But let's think about this.  Before the last half a century there weren’t such things as ‘convenience foods.’  You made food or you didn’t eat, people were still busy but when something is a priority you make time for it.  So really the problem is that cooking or making healthy food just isn’t a priority.  Lets be real and honest with ourselves.

Life does have a way of getting hectic, but what are the consequences of choosing convenience?  In reality you are choosing to slowly poison yourself, instead of taking the time to nourish yourself.  That may sound a tad extreme, but it is the truth.

No, fast, packaged, preservative laden food won’t cause you to keel over tomorrow or in a couple of months (hopefully) because the human body is a resilient and intelligent thing.  It can only handle so much though.  This is why obesity, and degenerative diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are so rampant in our society.

There is a point where your body just can’t do it anymore.  It isn’t getting the fuel and nutrients it needs to run and heal itself.  In fact it's constantly being inundated with things that harm it and cause it to work harder just to get through each day.

Not only will it harm you down the line, but how are you feeling right now?  Do you have any complaints?  Weight, fatigue, stress, joint pain, acid reflux, energy dips, inability to focus, skin irritation?  This is only a small list of the things you could be experiencing because you don’t have time to fuel your body with real food.  If living a full, happy, energetic life was as simple as taking an extra hour each day, or even reserving just one day a week to prep meals would you do it?  Eat whole real foods and within even a month you could be feeling ten times better than you do now.

Change your perspective.  What you eat is important.  We are what we eat.  The cells that make up each part of our bodies run on and are created by the nutrients we consume through food.

Our world today is all about a magic pill or a simple solution.  Unfortunately that multi vitamin, or green powder is not going to negate a multitude of poor choices.  Changing how you eat will not change the way you look or feel overnight, but it will change you.  It will cause a lasting positive change if you can find it in yourself to make what you put in your body a priority in life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more energy to get through your busy life?  Perhaps even to enjoy life, without the aches, pains and complaints? Not only will preparing and eating fresh whole foods change your health, but it will give you some time to slow down.  Although it may not feel as though there is time for this, decompressing and enjoying your food instead of shoveling it down will help you not only digest but also relax.

What are your priorities?  Is being happy on that list?  Is being healthy?  Productive?  Providing for your family?  Well make food a priority and you will positively affect all those other priorities.  You make time for things that are important.  Instead of watching 2 hours of television, perhaps only watch one.  There is time.

Now you are probably thinking but how do I do it and what foods should I eat?  Implementing these changes can be challenging.  It's not something to take lightly, and often we need the help, guidance and support to see our way through successfully.

If you are ready to make changes and put your health first contact me or subscribe below, and let's get started!