Let Go Of Suffering


Are you stuck?  Allowing yourself to be unhappy simply because it's scary to jump out into the unknown?  Don't let the familiarity, the comfort of what you know, prevent you from reaching your full potential and creating a life of joy.  Silent suffering does not make you stronger, it's making the courageous choice to step out and change things that strengthens you.  Get outside of what comfortable, break the routine, make yourself happy and those around will be happier.


This is something I'm working every day to do.  To not allow myself to be content in any suffering.  I have the power to make my life change, only me.


Miserable in your job?  Hate where you live?  Tired of being tired?  Unhappy with a relationship?  Whatever it is, change it.  Change is not easy, but it will be worth it.


I am so grateful though for the support, and encouragement of my love, my fiancé, my life partner, Spencer whose birthday is today (I can't believe we are nearly 30!).  We've grown up together, and this is something he has always been great at.  He is a constant inspiration for me.  Instead of taking the path of least resistance and being miserable he has forged his own path to create a career and a life that brings him joy.  It hasn't always been easy and he has dealt with a lot of nay-sayers but I know he's got it right.


-- Tera --