What If That Thing You're Feeling...Isn't Normal?

Sometimes we experience something so often it becomes our norm.  It's as if it's just part of who we are as a human being.  The fact that we deal with it daily, and we've begun to view it as normal does not mean that it is normal though.  One thing that has surprised me are the things I have discovered that weren't actually part of who I am.  It was simply my body trying to communicate to me that something was out of whack.  It was asking for my help and really I wasn't listening.  Do you experience anything like that? Constant pain in your right knee, acid reflux, energy dips in the afternoon, low blood sugar, sleeplessness, days of sadness or lack of motivation...the list can go on forever.

One thing my friends and family always knew was: don't let her get hungry because she'll get mean.  I could not function unless I was eating every few hours.  I would transform into this irrational raging beotch.  I was unable to think straight, and I got the shakes.  Sometimes I would get past the point of feeling hunger any longer so when someone would tell me to eat I would adamantly refuse.  Knowing that this was the only cure for the crazy they insisted and I relented.  Couple of minutes later...back to normal.   Jekyll and Hyde situation.  Have you ever felt that?  Guess what, that was not me or my personality.  That was dysfunctional blood sugar regulation.  Hypoglycemia.

Believe it or not now I can go five or more hours without eating and have continuous steady energy.  No more shakes, no more extreme mood swings.  I experience hunger, but it's not in the same desperate way.  It's so much more rational.  A sensation that I know I need to fulfill, but not that is ruining my whole day and everyone else's.

The other big thing for me was belching.  I was always a belcher, loud, obnoxious, deep, and long.  Sometimes I was proud of my ability, other times it was plain embarrassing and at times it was seriously uncomfortable.  It bothered my boyfriend so much!  He didn't understand why I couldn't make it less intense and would try to teach me how to 'open my throat' while burping so it wasn't so loud.  Yeah, pretty sure it wasn't a throat constriction that was causing the issue.  Being able to burp was such a relief though from the intense discomfort I was feeling.  Pressure, bloating, fullness, it wasn't pretty.  This was my norm though, not something I thought I needed to, or could, fix.

Really I had extreme digestive distress.  Food was not being properly broken down and therefore was left to quite literally rot in my body.  Think about rotting food left in tupperware.  The top poofs up because of the gases it creates.  Well, that was in me and it needed to come out.  I had a lot of latent stomach issues that I have been working hard to heal, and I'm happy to say I'm not a burp machine any longer.  Obviously some amount of burping is normal, and still happens but nowhere near in the same way.

Reflect on some things in your life that you think are normal, or maybe you think are part of 'getting older'.  Could they be due to an imbalance in your body?  Do you want to try to change them?  What would life be like if you didn't have to deal with it?  Would you experience more energy, be more comfortable, productive, happy?

Graduation celebration!  My favorite treat...good ol' bubbly.

I am so excited to say that these mysteries of your body are going to be my new work.  As a newly certified Nutritional Therapist I am working on building my business so I can help you to find your optimal health and the fullest expression of who you are.  Each person is a new puzzle to figure out, and watching the change happen is amazing.  If you want to put in the effort I will be here to guide and support you along the way.