My classes are intuitive, playful and approachable. My goal as a teacher is for each person to walk out of class feeling empowered and embodied. I love to focus on the foundations and to guide people back to feeling, because goodness knows we think way too much. I was originally trained in power vinyasa, but my own personal yoga journey led me to explore restorative, yin, nidra and iyengar. So, although vinyasa is my foundation I blend various aspects of different styles to create well rounded and balanced sequences. You will experience a bell curve of calm grounding, to powerful but accessible flowing, to nervous system restoration. I am dedicated to making sure my classes are safe and feel good in each person's body. Yoga is meant to feel good! 

I have taken my teaching on the road and no longer have a regular studio schedule.

online yoga classes

Can't come to class, but want some yoga in your life? Don't even fret, I got you! Check out my online yoga program, Yoga For Healing.

7 videos, modifications, posture lists, guidebook & journal. 

what people are saying...

"I just wanted to thank you for making the video series "Yoga for Healing".  It has been a really great tool for me.  Your videos went at a perfect pace for me and made me feel proud of my body.  I really enjoyed the combination of meditation and movement. I love how you incorporated self love into the practice too.  Yoga is now an important part of my life and healing journey!  Thank you so much!!! The final video I watched was really powerful.  Visualizing energy in numb parts of my limbs was uncomfortable and also empowering.  I'm so grateful to have your videos as a resource and tool." -Jenn

"I loooove your program.  You super won me over (I believe it's session #4) when you said something about each day our practice looking different & basically being okay w/ that on days when you "feel like shit."  Hahahaha!  I'm totally into the real & genuine when it comes to a healing lifestyle.  Your frank words there completely impressed me. I also love the worksheets w/ each session.  The design, the information, the possible modifications, all of it shows so much attention to detail & real thoughtfulness about the folks buying your program.  I have to confess I don't love yoga, so enjoying this is a surprise for me & I think it has a lot to do with how you lead in the videos." -Angie