My classes are intuitive, playful and approachable. I love focusing on the foundations and guiding people back to feeling, because gawd knows we think way too much. I was originally trained in power vinyasa, but my own personal yoga journey led me to explore restorative, yin, nidra and iyengar. So, although vinyasa is my foundation I blend various aspects of different styles to create well rounded and balanced sequences. You will experience a bell curve of calm grounding, to flowing, and finally nervous system restoration. I am dedicated to making sure my classes are safe and feel good in each person's body.

students experiences...

Tera’s classes could be about something she is experiencing or perhaps something happening around her however one thing is certain; Tera is there for her students. Her smile shines at how happy she is to see you and spend time helping you reach the  goals you have. Tera’s classes are built in her heart for her students. - John

Tera is an extraordinary inspiration to everyone, especially the yoga community! She speaks with so much heart and compassion. Her words invite thought and motivation; and the challenge to rise up to your full capabilities. If you're looking for someone to look up to, you've found her. -Jena

Tera celebrates the individuality of a yoga practice. Her classes are joyful and empowering. Her love of movement is infectious, and I always leave with a smile in my heart! - Amelia

Tera is a true gem. She is an inspiration to her fellow teachers and students. Her classes are unique, inspiring, and ever changing. She continues to push herself to learn and grow. She effortlessly connects the entire room and empowers students to feel comfortable in their bodies and to love themselves.  You can feel her passion for yoga, her community, and her students with every class she teaches. She is a true advocate for positivity in this world. She has brought out my inner goddess and inspired me to take my practice to a whole new level! - Caitlin 


The Art Of Muscle Testing. Inneractive Healing Systems(2015)
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Training.  Nutritional Therapy Association(2013)
B.A. Communications, Diversity Minor. University of Washington(2009)


Recreating Yourself As A Yoga Instructor: Teaching Yoga With Heart, Authenticity & Inspiration.  
Seane Corne (2017)
Psoas & Hip Flexors. Julie Gudmestad (2017)
Yoga For Social Justice. Sarahjoy Marsh (2017)
Backbends: Preparation & Practice. Julie Gudmestad (2017)
Radical Healing. Seane Corne (2017)
Yoga For Every Body. Seane Corne (2017)
Eat Breathe Thrive Facilitator Training. Eat Breathe Thrive (2016)
Barre Teacher Training. Adrienne Kimberley, Barre Bohemian(2016)
Teaching to the Whole Person. Jessica Jennings (2014)
Yoga Sculpt TrainingCorepower Yoga (2013)
Hot Power Fusion Training. Corepower Yoga (2013)
Real Ryder Training. Corepower Yoga (2013)
36hr Level Two Training. Corepower Yoga (2013)
200hr Power Vinyasa Training. Corepower Yoga (2013)


Speaker in Yoga Summit: 360 Summits; Making Yoga A Daily Habit (2016)
Creator & Instructor of online program Yoga For Healing(2016)
Creator, Editor & Host of Stripped podcast(2016)
Group Leader for Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Training (2014 & 2015)

Certified Eat Breathe Thrive Facilitator
Registered Yoga Teacher; Yoga Alliance

online yoga classes

Can't come to class, but want some yoga in your life? Don't even fret, I got you! Check out my online yoga program, Yoga For Healing.

7 videos, modifications, posture lists, guidebook & journal. 

what people are saying...

"I just wanted to thank you for making the video series "Yoga for Healing".  It has been a really great tool for me.  Your videos went at a perfect pace for me and made me feel proud of my body.  I really enjoyed the combination of meditation and movement. I love how you incorporated self love into the practice too.  Yoga is now an important part of my life and healing journey!  Thank you so much!!! The final video I watched was really powerful.  Visualizing energy in numb parts of my limbs was uncomfortable and also empowering.  I'm so grateful to have your videos as a resource and tool." -Jenn

"I loooove your program.  You super won me over (I believe it's session #4) when you said something about each day our practice looking different & basically being okay w/ that on days when you "feel like shit."  Hahahaha!  I'm totally into the real & genuine when it comes to a healing lifestyle.  Your frank words there completely impressed me. I also love the worksheets w/ each session.  The design, the information, the possible modifications, all of it shows so much attention to detail & real thoughtfulness about the folks buying your program.  I have to confess I don't love yoga, so enjoying this is a surprise for me & I think it has a lot to do with how you lead in the videos." -Angie