The thing that calls to us is calling for a reason. Listen.

Remember to play.

Get into nature. Feel the dirt under your feet, gaze at the vastness of the forest, run sand through your fingers.  Go somewhere you can actually see the gorgeous night sky, where the stars aren’t masked by artificial lights.  

Slow down. Slow down enough to listen to what your body needs, and not just what your head says you should need. Slow your breath, and take time to let yourself rest.  Rest is more important than the work.  It’s where we become stronger.

Nourish your body. Your body is your vessel to interact with the world. Take care of it. The food you eat can be the most important medicine or the strongest poison. Eat whole foods. Honor the animals you eat by making sure they had a healthy life and giving thanks before your meal. Honor the earth and the farmer by trying to purchase local as often as possible. Learn to cook, or have someone cook for you. Eat with intention and taste the flavors exploding on your tongue.

Explore. Experience new cultures, feel new environments, make new friends, go and do instead of simply wishing. Travel will give you a whole new perspective on yourself, on what’s important in life and shift your world view. Burst that comfortable bubble that we so often live in.

Question authority. Big business, government and media don’t usually have your best interest in mind, so look further. Be brave enough to speak out and create change. Investigate what doesn’t make sense, or even what does.   

Lean in to community. We aren’t meant to be alone.  We are social beings and we each bring a unique strength forward. Utilize those who can support you in this venture and if they don’t then they aren’t your people, your community or your tribe.  Don’t worry, they are out there.

I am a guide.  To help you back to a yourself. I see you.  I see you wondering if there is more.  I see your beauty and potential.  I am here to help you find that in yourself.  To strip off the conditioning of society or family, and to explore what else, what luscious amazing life lies below that.

Let’s explore, experience, connect and learn together and from each other.  I honor the teacher and the student that lies in you.  Take my hand and let’s leap.  You aren’t alone, I am here, we are here.

 We are the movement, we are the change, we are the future.